Aachener Stadtbetrieb, Stadt Aachen (Fachbereich Personal und Organisation + Fachbereich Stadtentwicklung und Verkehrsanlagen), Gebäudemanagement der Stadt Aachen

The Aachener Stadtbetrieb, ASB for short, is a municipal service provider for the city of Aachen. The company's areas of responsibility include waste management, cemeteries, maintenance of green and open spaces, as well as city cleaning and winter services.

Furthermore, the Aachen city operations are responsible for procurement while maintaining the entire city fleet and machinery. The Aachener Stadtbetrieb was founded in 1999 and was declared an in-house organization of the city of Aachen with its own staff and office in 2003.

This enabled the ASB to become a multifunctional service company that currently employs around 700 people.