The Bundeswehr offers you a wide range of opportunities for training, study or direct entry, including in the fields of technology, information technology, logistics, crafts, administration, medicine, music, sport and natural sciences.

More than 90 recognized apprenticeships and advanced training courses are available in connection with a military career, and over 50 of these are also available in the civil administration.

Preparation for a career as an officer (m/f/d) and manager takes place in more than 50 different courses of study. A further 17 dual courses of study enable you to enter the higher service as an officer in the civilian sector.

Whether on military deployment or in civilian employment: The more than 265,000 servicemen and women as well as civilian professionals play their own personal part in making Germany a little safer. Diverse and demanding tasks require physical and mental fitness as well as a strong character.

In order to make these special achievements possible, the soldiers and staff are given the opportunity to develop their potential and to advance both professionally and personally through comprehensive training and further education