ADE Scales for life

Who doesn't know the famous red ADE scale with the characteristic fan-shaped weighing head?

Invented over 75 years ago by the ADE founders in Hamburg, this scale has confidently defied all fashion trends over the years. In the meantime, it is called ADE Piccolo and still stands in every self-respecting tea and chocolate shop. Today, half the world weighs itself and its products on ADE scales: parcels on the ADE table scale or floor scale, trucks on the ADE truck scale

Babies are weighed on the ADE baby scale, patients on our wheelchair scale and chair scale. Butchers count on the ADE wall scale, bakers on our dough scales. When baking at home, an ADE kitchen scale is used and sports enthusiasts determine their values best with an ADE body analysis scale

The ADE scale range is large and, like its followers, it grows from year to year. What people appreciate so much about ADE? Quality, reliability and precision! Are you already an ADE scale fan? We invite you to do so. Weigh with us!

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